Mary L. Holden, Freelance Editor and Writer




G.O.D. Great Omnipresent Divine, Mini Pandit, M.D. (2019)

The Senior Season: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, Robert Robotti (2018)

The Fiscal Therapy Solution 1.0, Marc J. Bernstein (2018)

Your Own Wheeling to Healing, Rev. James Encinas (2018)

Hope Never Dies: How 20 Late-Stage and Terminal Cancer Patients Beat the Odds, Rick Shapiro (2017)

Italian Gluten Free Gastronomy, Clarissa Burt and Rita Romano (2017)

The Brezas of Carifa, Gindy Farmer (2017)

Wheeling to Healing: Broken Heart on a Bicycle, James Encinas (2017)

I Know Now: A Woman’s Healing, Cinda Stevens Lonsway (2017)

Raising the Runes: A Shamanic Journey through Avalon, Jeremy R.J. White (2017)

The Brown Recluse Spider, Richard S. Vetter (2015)

Opening to Light Language, Jamye Price (2015)

To Fly Again: Portrait of a Bipolar Life, Rachelle Hasnas, LCSW (2015)

I Got Hit By A Taxi But You Look Run Over: Life Lessons about Happiness and Joy, Lisa M. Dietlin (2015)

Valley Fever: Silent Epidemic, Craig Rundbaken, D.O. (2014)

Harmonology: An Insider’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music, Stephen O’Connor (2014)

Forever Thank You: The Unique Way to Thank Great People, Ivan Levi (2014)

Yearning for Normal: My Son’s Life with Deletion 22q.11, Susan Ellison Busch, (2013)

Reflections on the Sea, Thomas B. Lesure (2013)

Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home, Mike Tapscott (2013)

Focused Synergy: Orchestrating Your Melody, Harmony and Rhythm, Robert van Arlen (2013)

Ciao Tesoro! Treasures of the Italian Kitchen, Rita Romano (2013)

Jesus vs. Christianity: The Myth of Heaven and Hell, Michael Dybicz (2012)

The Hormone Zone,  John Alexander Robinson, N.D. (2011)

Power & Privilege, Mini Sarla, M.D. (2011)

The Gettysburg Approach to Writing & Speaking Like a Professional, Philip A. Yaffe (2009)

Get a Vision and Live It: Becoming Prosperous Now for Life, Larry Olsen (2008)


Jewel and the Missing Key to the Vault of Souls, Sharon Loeff (2017)

Monsters, Derrick Jensen (2017)

Chameleon, Kelly Oram (2013)

V is for Virgin, Kelly Oram (2012)

Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory, Linda Heart (2012)

A Dry Hate, Nancy Hicks Marshall (2012)

Bramdean: An Historical Romance, Michael Sedgwick (2011)

Whisper of Lies, Cherry-Ann Carew (2011)

Uncommon Bond, C. L. Gillmore (2011)

Artists & Thieves, Linda Schroeder (2010)


A Giver’s Way Home, by Judith (2017)

Together Forever: Being a Hero to your Family, Arie and Rivka Ringelstein (2015)

Simple Choices, Lisa Graham Keegan (2013)

La Huera, Frankie Mae Roberts (2012)


Men in Hats, Graham Sale (2014)

Cartoons & Illustrations, Graham Sale (2013)

Menopausal Women of the Corn, Linda Seccaspina (2012)


Up Up Up, Phoebe Fox (2016)

Starry’s Haircut, Phoebe Fox (2015)

Leo’s Other Christmas, Graham Sale (2014)

Ruby’s Rainy Day, James Waldron & Brendon Cottrell (2010)


ROAR!, Cinda Stevens Lonsway and Manon Doyle

Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes, C. L. Gillmore

Threads of Two Voices, Janet Purcell and John C. Campbell

OM: The Vortex of Love, Mini Sarla, M.D.

The Book of Possibilities, Igor Brezhnev

Fall Leaves Float, and Absence Remains, Darrin Kramer

Short Story Collection

Of Heaven & Earth, Michael Sedgwick


“Who Knew it was Voodoo,” Bill True (2013)

“Knights of the Kitchen Table,” Bill True (2013)


L. A. Kitchen: Empower L.A. Culinary Arts and Nutrition Advocacy Workbook, Rebecca Locker (2014)

The Way of Discovery Workbook, Victoria Crawford (2013)

Drumpath Rhythms: A Method for Teaching and Learning Percussion, Sule Greg Wilson (2011)

Website Content

“Drops of Life,” by Steven Ringelstein,


Self-Navigation, Mastering the Keys to Performance and Productivity, Gary Yamamoto; Keeping Your Pet Healthy Through Dental Health, Melana Martens, DVM; Raising a Happy Spirit: The Intuitive Wisdom of Parenting, Julianna Lyddon, M.C.; Gladys McGarey, M.D., M.D.(H): Living Medicine, The Harp Foundation; The Hot Pot Handbook, O.B. Gold, Faith for the Journey, Mark W. Erwin; Talk, Listen, Connect: Communication Skills for a Thriving Marriage, Carrie Hoffman; Children & Divorce, ShaRon Rea; The Keys: 8 Principles for Achieving Better Health,  Douglas Lakin, M.D.; Thinking About Thinking, Beth Terry, CSP; Talk Tips by Vincent Phipps, M.A., Vincent I. Phipps; The Tortellini and the Hare, Patrick Henry; I, Romo, Peter Seid; The Guide: A Pocket Guide For Managing Medical Symptoms, Douglas M. Lakin, M.D.; A Shift Toward Optimal Health: Your Guide to Holistic Healing, Millen Livis, M.S., MBA



I have assisted with the writing of two self-published memoirs, a few MiniBüks (single topics: financial planning, parenting, general business tactics).


As a Legacy Project for the centennial celebration of Arizona in 2012, I wrote a chapbook of poetry (in English and Spanish) titled Yavapai: 12 Poems in Honor of Arizona’s Centennial, illustrated by artist Kathryn Henneman. This MiniBuk was published in two editions (3,500 copies total) and is now out of print.

Short Story/Essay

”Burning Questions,” short story published in Bear River Review, 2014.

“A Veil of Tulle, Titanium or Truth?” essay published in Acupuncture for Your Soul by Rae Jacob, 2015.

“A Cure at Heart,” short story published in Bear River Review, 2015.

Novels (Unpublished)

During National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November, 2009, I wrote 50,000+ words into a novel titled Quail and finished the first draft in September, 2016. My plan is to hire an editor and self publish--maybe!

In November 2016, I wrote a novel composed of 26 short stories based on a similar theme. It is a raw first draft and I plan to keep working on it until it’s revised, edited, revised, edited, revised, edited.... Here is the link to the second NaNoWriMo “win”






“Mass Transit Comes to the Desert,” Progressive Engineer magazine (2010),

“Da Vinci Does Robotic Surgery,” MyLIFE magazine (2011)

“The History of Little League in Arizona,” Raising Arizona Kids magazine (2012),

“Danny Jacob: Rocking the World of Cartoon Music,” MyLIFE magazine (2012)

“Women Holding Sky: Seeing the Struggle,” MyLIFE magazine (2013),


Editing, publicity and book promotion by Lynn Wiese-Sneyd,

Nonfiction editing by Barbara McNichol,

Freelance editing by Martin Dolan,

A unique self-publishing service,, is a low cost option to create a prototype published book from your manuscript.

To format and design your Word document for self-publishing (paper and eBooks), find copyrighted templates for sale from Joel Friedlander at

Funds for Writers, a weekly newsletter by C. Hope Clark is found at


    From May through December, 2015 I hosted a BlogTalkRadio show titled “Unscripted” with author and artist Ruth Evelyn.



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    Letters.   Words.   Sentences.   Paragraphs.       Reading.    Writing.

     These nouns and two gerund forms of verbs represent my life’s work, play, and passion. My goal as your editor is to uphold your voice on the page and get you to see your manuscript in its best light. I offer developmental editing, line and content editing, proofreading in all genres.

     As a self-employed freelance editor and writer, I’m also on the editorial staff of, I’ve partnered with two friends in Oregon at and with one other in Arizona for Drafting Your Future

     I believe in supporting my community through volunteer work, and am a member of and volunteer for Local First Arizona. Every year, I take on certain editing projects pro bono.

     Several of my clients have learned English as their second language, and it has been an honor to assist them as they’ve developed and published their written work.