Mary L. Holden, Freelance Editor and Writer


    If you are a writer looking for an editor, I would like to communicate with you. I enjoy a variety of editing and writing projects: book manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction), blogs, screenplays, resumes, maps, audiobooks, college application essays, ghostwriting, poetry, website content, business documents.

     There are some websites I like to recommend to writers: (regarding self-publishing and manuscript consultations offered by Jerry D. Simmons), (editing, promotion offered by Lynn Wiese-Sneyd), and (the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors), of which I am a member. For a wonderful way to format your Word document for self-publishing (paper and eBooks), please go shopping for a template from Joel Friedlander here:

     As a self-employed freelance editor and writer, I also work as a copy editor at Raising Arizona Kids magazine (, associate editor and writer with MyLIFE magazine (, and I’m on the editorial staff of MiniBuk (

     I am a member of Local First Arizona. Supporting my community is important and I’ve worked with a large number of writers who live in Arizona. My membership in Arizona Author’s Association may be seen on their website:


    Books: Get a Vision and Live It: Becoming Prosperous Now for Life, Larry Olsen (2008); The Gettysburg Approach to Writing & Speaking Like a Professional, Philip A. Yaffe (2009); Artists & Thieves, Linda Schroeder (2010); Ruby’s Rainy Day, James Waldron & Brendon Cottrell (2010); The Hormone Zone,  John Alexander Robinson, N.D. (2011); Whisper of Lies, Cherry-Ann Carew (2011); Power & Privilege, by Mini Sarla, M.D. (2011); Threads of Two Voices, Janet Purcell and John C. Campbell (2011); Uncommon Bond, C. L. Gillmore (2011); Bramdean: An Historical Romance, Michael Sedgwick (2011); Drumpath Rhythms: A Method for Teaching and Learning Percussion, Sule Greg Wilson (2011); Jesus vs. Christianity: The Myth of Heaven and Hell, Michael Dybicz (2012); A Dry Hate, Nancy Hicks Marshall (2012); La Huera, Frankie Mae Roberts (2012); Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory, Linda Heart (2012); V is for Virgin, Kelly Oram (2012); Reflections on the Sea, Thomas B. Lesure (2013); Menopausal Women of the Corn, Linda Seccaspina (2012); Simple Choices, Lisa Graham Keegan (2013); Chameleon, Kelly Oram (2013); Yearning for Normal: My Son’s Life with Deletion 22q.11, Susan Ellison Busch, (2013); Ciao Tesoro! Treasures of the Italian Kitchen, Rita Romano (2013); Focused Synergy: Orchestrating Your Melody, Harmony and Rhythm, Robert van Arlen (2013); Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home, Mike Tapscott (2013).

    Poetry: Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes, By C. L. Gillmore; OM: The Vortex of Love, by Mini Sarla, M.D.; The Book of Possibilities, (2012) Igor Brezhnev; Fall Leaves Float, by Darrin Kramer.

    Short stories: Of Heaven & Earth, by Michael Sedgwick.

    Website content: “Drops of Life,” by Steven Ringelstein,

    MiniBuks: Self-Navigation, Mastering the Keys to Performance and Productivity, Gary Yamamoto; Keeping Your Pet Healthy Through Dental Health, Melana Martens, DVM; Raising a Happy Spirit: The Intuitive Wisdom of Parenting, Julianna Lyddon, M.C.; Gladys McGarey, M.D., M.D.(H): Living Medicine, The Harp Foundation; The Hot Pot Handbook, O.B. Gold, Faith for the Journey, Mark W. Erwin; Talk, Listen, Connect: Communication Skills for a Thriving Marriage, Carrie Hoffman; Children & Divorce, ShaRon Rea; The Keys: 8 Principles for Achieving Better Health,  Douglas Lakin, M.D.; Thinking About Thinking, Beth Terry, CSP; Talk Tips by Vincent Phipps, M.A., Vincent I. Phipps; The Tortellini and the Hare, Patrick Henry; I, Romo, Peter Seid; The Guide: A Pocket Guide For Managing Medical Symptoms, Douglas M. Lakin, M.D.; A Shift Toward Optimal Health: Your Guide to Holistic Healing, Millen Livis, M.S., MBA.


    Poetry: As a Legacy Project for the centennial celebration of Arizona in 2012, I wrote a chapbook of poetry (in English and Spanish) titled Yavapai: 12 Poems in Honor of Arizona’s Centennial illustrated by artist Kathryn Henneman. This MiniBuk has two editions (3,500 copies total) and is now out of print. I am currently working on another volume of poetry that I plan to self-publish.

    Blogs: SheWrites (; WordPress (; Medium (

    Sample Articles: “Mass Transit Comes to the Desert,” Progressive Engineer magazine (2010),; “Da Vinci Does Robotic Surgery,” MyLIFE magazine (2011),;  “The History of Little League in Arizona,” Raising Arizona Kids magazine (2012),; “Danny Jacob: Rocking the World of Cartoon Music,” MyLIFE magazine (2012); “Women Holding Sky: Seeing the Struggle,” MyLIFE magazine (2013),


Contact Information

Mary L. Holden

P.O. Box 10523

Phoenix, Arizona 85064

602-957-0035 or 602-758-6995

Business Information

*NOTE: As of December, 2012 and until further notice, I am working only with existing clients and clients who come to me through MiniBuk. If you would like to contact me, I will be happy to refer you to other editors and talk with you about your writing project. I am very grateful to have worked with so many wonderful writers who have helped me get to this point in business!

Working in collaboration with writers, editing and writing are my passions. I offer a free consultation and sample edit.  Email me 25-30 pages of your document in Word with a description of your need and I will email back within two weeks. I work with both fiction and non-fiction and will provide line editing (grammar/spelling), content editing and fact checking. I have also worked as a ghostwriter and may be able to offer some assistance to those who are looking for a writer with this specialty.

My fee is $40 per hour. I charge $25 per hour to read your revised edit, and I am open to negotiating price per page or per project. I keep conscientious and accurate track of the time I spend when my eyes are on your pages. (Warning: I don’t like the track changes tool! I prefer a more organic approach consistent with the flow of your writing.)

It is my desire to have you ‘read’ and look your best in print.


I wrote a novel (well, I reached 50,000 words, but I still want to add four chapters!) to know what it means to get a manuscript from an author and to better understand editing and revising. Thank you,!

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